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One Connection. Endless Opportunities.
Empower your business with Calogi, the world's leading paperless air cargo solutions portal. 

A comprehensive state-of-the-art air cargo services portal committed to offering you a range of reliable, secure, simple and cost effective e-freight business solutions. Designed to simplify the cargo business, Calogi enables local supply chain stakeholders to seamlessly interact, thus enhancing the transaction process. Information is entered once, by the originator and used throughout the shipment lifecycle, making the process effortless and paperless.


Sharjah Airport Services and Calogi Teams join forces to provide innovative e-commerce solutions  

Sharjah Airport Services (SAS) and Calogi have re-affirmed their commitment to simplifying the way in which the Sharjah Forwarding community does business. In response to calls from the air cargo supply chain community, Calogi has built an interface that allows forwarder customers to do e-commerce transactions with both the airline and SAS demonstrating their continued support for one of the pillars of e-freight; data is entered once and re-used across the supply chain.. Read More


Calogi has joined forces with Sharaf Aviation Services Academy. 

Calogi has joined forces with Sharaf Aviation Services Academy (SASA), one of the leading providers of travel, aviation, cargo education and training in the Middle East, to offer a range of industry courses. The partnership makes SASA the first academy in the Middle East to offer a comprehensive range of industry-related training courses for the airfreight industry through the Calogi Portal. Read More

Viability of freighters? 

DUBAI, U.A.E., 13th July 2014: (www.calogi.com). At the IATA WCS 2014, Fred Smith described the 747-400 and MD11-9 as the workhorses of a golden age. Now they have become very expensive to run, and airlines need to rethink their freighter strategy. A triple seven-freighter flight from Hong Kong to Anchorage costs $30,000 less than a 747-400F while carrying almost the same payload.. Read More


Calogi streamlines Dubai cargo operations 

DUBAI, U.A.E., 28th Feb 2014: (www.calogi.com). Air-freight portal, Calogi, has re-launched its Dock Booking feature as part of its GHA c-Bridge product. Dock Booking connects freight forwarders and cargo terminals, enabling communication of workloads and pricing, improving resource allocation, saving time and money. Read More

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