Appointment Dock Management (ADM)

ADM for import collections will go live on the 10th of December enabling you, the professional forwarder, to save cost and improve your last mile delivery times to your customer.

dnata Cargo has reached a key milestone in the delivery lifecycle of our Traffic Management and Appointment Dock Management systems and we are delighted to announce that the solution for booking an import appointments only will go live at DXB (FG5) and DWC airports on the 10th December 2019. This is a quantum leap in terms of the way in which we conduct business, we therefore request your full support, while we transition to this new way of working.

The implementation will enable dnata Cargo to deliver a more efficient operation with shorter waiting times at the docks. This will result in your cargo being available for collection at the dnata dock when you arrive for your appointment. This will save you time and cost and improve the service you offer to your customers.

For video tutorials please click - 

1: Appointment & Dock Management - Import appointment creation

Learn how to create import appointments to schedule collection of your import cargo at dnata’s FG5 (DXB) and DWC facilities.

Please click here for the tutorial video.

2: Appointment & Dock Management - Import appointment amendments and cancellation

Learn how to amend and cancel your import appointments when re-scheduling collection of your import cargo at dnata’s FG5 (DXB) and DWC facilities.  

Please click here for the tutorial video.

3: Appointment & Dock Management - Special Processes

Learn how to book inspection appointments at dnata’s FG5 (DXB) and DWC facilities.

Please click here for the tutorial video.

4: Appointment & Dock Management - General system handling

Learn – a) How to search for your existing appointments (My Appointments), b) How to re-print the proforma invoice and, c) About receiving alerts and notifications. 

Please click here for the tutorial video.


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