02 Feb 2016

Once again we have built on our success and are experiencing our best ever year. Growth has been phenomenal, in terms of both transactions and revenue. In the last six months, we have seen an increase in transactions of 9 percent and our revenue and profitability has exceeded all expectations, with income increasing by 26 percent versus the same time last year, and profitability increasing by a colossal 250 percent.

The Calogi Dock booking Solution

With the current capacity constraints in Dubai, we have seen a huge surge in terminal dock bookings made through Calogi. The Calogi Dock Booking feature has allowed the cargo terminals to streamline their acceptance and delivery process and allows an agent to pre-book an import or export dock and receive priority service. Furthermore, the cargo terminal has identified off-peak, normal, or peak rates for each acceptance and delivery dock to allow them to spread the workload. All Dubai freight forwarders currently subscribing to Calogi automatically have the opportunity to book docks at the dnata Freight Gate facilities. Based on historical data and the type of dock, Calogi calculates the loading and unloading time required for one or more shipments and automatically determines the time needed to complete the acceptance or delivery process. We are now in a position to streamline this further and make it easier for a customer to pick up and deliver shipments. 

Where Air Cargo needs to be

IATA challenged the industry to remove 48-hours from the transit time of shipment.
While this is possible, the question is the impact airlines have to make this happen—they are responsible mainly for flying the shipment from origin to destination, a maximum of 24-hours of the actual ‘dwell time.’ Several factors can be responsible for the delay, such as customs clearance times, GHA acceptance, forwarder deliver times, forwarder pick-up times, cool down periods, there are many points at which delays can occur. If we are serious about reducing the dwell time then we need to identify where the industry stands now and what the target should be. The recommended customs clearance time will certainly have a positive impact on the dwell time. I would go a step further and introduce pre-clearance for ‘trusted traders.’

Regardless, the challenge is there and we need to step up to it. As I said, we need to better understand where the bottlenecks are and why the dwell time is still at an unacceptable level. More importantly we need to develop an industry action plan to address the same. Once we are aligned on the direction, we at Calogi will work with industry stakeholders to develop the measures and system processes to expedite the movement of cargo.

Food for thought as airlines eye greater yields by developing new product lines -By Ian Putzger


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