Appointment Dock Management (ADM) - Export

The Appointment and Dock Management for Export Acceptance will go live, for all airlines, on the 19th October 2020 enabling you, the professional forwarder, to save cost and improve your service delivery times to your customer.

The implementation will enable dnata Cargo deliver a more efficient operation with shorter waiting times at the docks. This will benefit you, the professional forwarder, in that sufficient resources will be available for the acceptance of your cargo at the dock, when you arrive for your appointment. This will save you time and cost and improve the service you offer to your customers.

Appointments for the following services can be booked through ADM

  1. Export Shipment Acceptance (see below for Customs inspection)
  2. Shipper return
  3. Export shipment handover followed by taking Import delivery using the same vehicle

Please note that only registered vehicles with valid appointments will be allowed entry into our DXB and DWC facilities. If you have yet to register your vehicles please contact the TMS admin team at email: as soon as possible.


ADM Export – Key changes to be aware of and to prepare for

There are a number of changes that you need to be aware of, many of which will improve the current levels of service:

  1. You can request an appointment at any time, provided the airline has successfully sent booking information (BKD-FSU) to dnata in advance. If the airline has not supplied the booking information, you will need to send the flight information to dnata. The flight information can be sent using the Calogi system. Information as to how to use this feature is contained in the presentation referenced below.


  1. ADM will inform you of the approximate dnata charges applicable at an Airway Bill level so that you are aware of these upfront. You will also be able to view/print a pro forma invoice from ADM once the appointment is booked. Please note that this pro forma invoice will not include the Calogi charges. The final invoice generation will be available against your Calogi job ONLY once the air waybill is executed.


  1.  When making an appointment, a credit check will be carried out. If the charges payable will cause your account balance to exceed your credit limit, you can choose to pay by credit card. At the time of appointment confirmation, an amount will be blocked from the card to cover the potential charges. Please note that if you choose credit card as a method of payment, the full dnata (walk-in) tariff will be applied to your shipment.


  1.  Effective 19thOctober, all export shipments to be delivered to FG5 and FG8 will need an Appointment which must be booked through Calogi. Please note that any transactions carried out at the dnata counters will be charged at the full dnata (walk in) tariff.


  1. You will be able to amend or cancel the appointment two hours prior to the appointment time.


  1. Your vehicle will be granted access to the dnata cargo premises within 15 minutes before the appointment start time and until 15 minutes after the appointment start time. If your vehicle fails to turn up within the 30 minute grace period, the appointment will be cancelled.


  1. If the air waybill has not been executed prior to acceptance, you must execute the AWB in Calogi within 24 hours after the time of shipment delivery. Failure to do so will result in the dnata Export Landside Demurrage (storage) and handling charges being debited from your Calogi account, as applicable at the time of producing the invoice. Please note that there will be no change to the current rules for charging Export Landside Demurrage fees.


ADM Export – Customs inspection

In contrast to booking Customs inspection for import through ADM, export shipments that require Customs inspection will need two appointments.

One appointment must be booked in ADM for export acceptance at dnata and one appointment must be booked in the Dubai Trade system for Customs inspection.

Customs have agreed to complete the shipment inspection at the time of the dnata Export Acceptance Appointment, even if the Dubai Trade inspection appointment is for a different time.

Please note that the Customs inspection charges will still be collected through your Dubai Trade account

Upon arrival for your appointment, please proceed to the Customs Inspection Desk and request that the inspection be carried out. 

Please note that we are still working with Dubai Customs to develop a solution which will allow you to book an export acceptance and Customs inspection appointment through the ADM system.


Important Please note,

  • There will be no change to the Calogi Airwaybill execution process. 
  • ADM will NOT be implemented at the Dubai Flower Centre (FG6) or the Express and Mail centre (FG2).


ADM Export Acceptance – Reference documents

A number of reference documents have been prepared to help you understand the new changes coming with ADM, and to assist you in getting ready:

  1. Digital Transformation video explaining TMS and ADM changes – available in the following link
  2. Frequently asked questions – document attached and also available in the following link
  3. Calogi transformation page
  4. A presentation which details how to send booking information to dnata. Please click here to access.


Training Videos – We have created 4 x self-explanatory training videos that you can refer to for understanding the ADM system and associated processes.

Video 1. Appointment & Dock Management Export appointment creation

Video 2. Appointment & Dock Management Special Processes with Export related scenarios

Video 3. Appointment & Dock Management General system handling with Export related specifications

Video 4. Appointment Booking Amendment and Cancellation

Our key objective is to introduce improvements which will save you time and cost enabling you to offer a better service to your Customer. We firmly believe you will find these changes beneficial and seek your active collaboration to make this new approach a success.

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