Company Profile

Calogi has been established as an air cargo supply chain portal in the UAE and has been in operation since June 2008. Our traditional business model is based on offering a comprehensive, highly integrated, cost-effective trading platform to air cargo supply chain stakeholders, including GSSA's, Airlines, Forwarders, Third Party Logistics Providers and Ground Handlers. Built mainly for the small-to-medium enterprises, Calogi allows the cargo community to seamlessly trade in a paper-free environment.

Company Strategy

To be a leader in the air cargo automation industry by providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to our customers


Vision statement
To continuously position dnata as an efficient partner to do business with, by offering a best-in-class solution. These solutions create value for our customers  through simplification of business processes using innovative technology


Mission statement
To provide a comprehensive ,integrated and cost-effective, state-of-the-art cargo community portal that allows our stakeholders to seamlessly interact on a single electronic platform. We strive to facilitate business and operational requirements with our innovative solutions.



• Regional expansion in the field of supply chain automation and develop a strong base of key customers

• Increase the assets and investments of the company to support the development of services

• To build good reputation in the field of supply chain automation and become a key player in the industry

Customized Solutions

Secure, reliable, efficient air cargo services — you can have it all. We offer customized solutions based on a complete understanding of your supply chain needs and challenges.

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